Would you like to know how to keep outdoor furniture clean? Then let's show you an easy way around it. If you have one of the top outdoor lounge patio furniture, maze lounge garden furniture, etc. the unit's durability can be extended if you take proper care of it. It all begins with having a good idea of how to protect outdoor furniture.

On the other hand, your furniture will be exposed to sun, wind, moisture, and other weather elements. And that means it could lose its sleek and stylish look over time. But the latter can be kept at bay by following the outdoor furniture protection tips we've outlined below. They include:

#1. Dust-Off the Dirt:

Pillows and cushions will tend to accumulate dust and dirt due to outdoor exposure. The wind will also blow dust unto these chairs, and as such, it's important to dust off the pillows and cushions occasionally.

To begin, get a bristled brush or toothbrush you no longer need. You can then use either of these to brush off the grime that may have been logged on the material's surface. This is one of the best ways to keep outdoor cushions clean.

#2. Wash The Pillows:

Whether you own outdoor furniture for the lounge room, office, restaurant, wedding reception, etc. you need to wash the pillows regularly. This cleanup can be done quickly by removing the cushion covers (if you have zippered pillow covers). You can then hand or machine-wash the covers using water and mild soap.

On the other hand, a full wash may not be needed since you can easily wipe off the dirt or grime. And if the pillow covers are not removable, then an entire wash is out of the question. Nonetheless, use water with soap and a clean cloth, sponge, or soft-bristle brush for spot cleaning.

Another step is to sun dry the pillows after the cleanup. The pillows need to be completely dry to ensure they do not break down over time. The latter may happen if molds build up within them.

#3. Hose the Furniture:

There is outdoor furniture that can be hosed in a bid to dislodge any dirt that is stuck on them. Now don't have cold feet when it comes to trying this step or assumes that the unit will break down since most have been solidly built to be water-resistant. For instance, if you have wicker furniture or one that is made of plastic, use a hose to spray it down. Here, take advantage of the hose's lowest pressure settings.

On the other hand, hosing will remove any solid piece lodged on your unit. It'll also be useful to vacuum your outdoor wicker furniture regularly to ensure there is no grimy buildup on it. This cleanup can be carried out in different seasons.

#4. Eliminate Mold or Mildew:

You can eliminate the mold on the furniture surface to give your unit a cleaner and fresher look. But before you proceed, gear up with a face mask and gloves. This will ensure you're fully protected while undergoing the task. You'll tend not to inhale the spores or rub them on your eyes and nose. Next, use a brush to scrub and latter clean using soap and water.

#5. Oil Up:

Exposure to weather elements can cause a particular piece of furniture to crack. If it is made of teak, for instance, harsh weather may impact the unit negatively. And if that happens, it could lead to the gradual damage of your furniture.

The latter can be prevented by cleaning the furniture using a soft-bristled brush and oil-based soap. After that, you can proceed to hose off the furniture. There are also teak oils for furniture to fall back on.


These are the easiest ways to keep outdoor furniture clean. Therefore, implement these steps to preserve the stylish look of your furniture for a long time. These steps will also reduce the potential for your unit to be impacted by the weather. And that being so, you'll enjoy your money's worth for a long time.