There are great pieces of lounge furniture for your recreational room. Therefore, if you've set up a rec room in your basement, or any other room, you can be comfy while down there. An item of great furniture will ensure you get all the relaxation you need while playing pool, soccer, and other games.

Further, we've also chosen nice collections of top rattan lounge chairs, furniture for the lounge room, best modern living room furniture sets, and so much more. Let's go ahead and show you some of the best lounge furniture for your rec room to buy.

1. THOMAS PAYNE Euro Recliner Chair with Footrest

Buy Now: B07L3K7GJG Buy Now: B07L3K7GJG

The THOMAS PAYNE Euro Recliner Chair with Footrest has been built for lovers of great games at the screen. It is a reclining lounge chair with a sleek European design. This chair swivels 360º, which means you can celebrate every win with a spin. Besides, it'll provide flexibility in your movement instead of being rooted to a spot.

Coupled with that, this is a lightweight chair that is easy to move about. You'll be able to change its location easily when need be. There are its high-density foam and the smooth reclining motion all to give you the level of comfort and entertainment you need. And you'll be paying around $338.51 for this lounge furniture.

2. Divano Roma Furniture Large Classic Sofa

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The Divano Roma Furniture Large Classic Sofa is well-built lounge furniture for the rec room. This is a large couch that can support you and your friends. Hence, invite them over for a game-time, and you all can get all the fun you need while resting on this sofa. There are its reclining seats to ensure you get maximum comfort.

What's more, durable bonded leather upholstery is used to make this lounge furniture. It also has overstuffed seats and armrests all to provide comfort. And if you purchase this sofa, some assembling is required, however, its something you can do with ease. This lounge sells for $1,981.

3. Hathaway Hampton Club Spectator Bench, Walnut Finish

Buy Now: B015AHRE6A Buy Now: B015AHRE6A

The Hathaway Hampton Club Spectator Bench, Walnut Finish is a lounge chair made in the form of a bench. If you want a bench you can game from with your buddy while also sharing good jokes, here's one. This bench has a solid wood arm and full base support to give it strength. It can support two adults and still offer enough room.

Also, this is a high-quality furniture finish in walnut. It comes with a soft-padded high-density foam seat cushion to ensure you feel comfy irrespective of how long you sit. This furniture sells for about $500.

4. QYN Multifunction Leisure Couch

Buy Now: B0816X825L Buy Now: B0816X825L

The QYN Multifunction Leisure Couch has been solidly built for gamers. This is a comfortable chair that comes with a footstool. Hence, you get all the level of care you need. However, this is a multipurpose chair that can be used in the dining, bedroom, living room, patio, lobby, and just about anywhere you want.

What's more, this is a water-resistant and dust-resistant chair. Hence, it's easy to maintain the couch despite its white color. The chair is also scratch-resistant thanks to the quality material that has been used to make it. You'll be paying around $1,521 to purchase this chair.

5. FDW Wingback Recliner Chair Leather Single Modern Sofa

Buy Now: B0736T5F16 Buy Now: B0736T5F16

The FDW Wingback Recliner Chair Leather Single Modern Sofa is a portable chair to use in your rec room. It has a modern and classic design; hence it can be a part of your private space. This chair has also been expertly crafted to make it worth gracing your living room or office.

In line with that, this recliner chair is waterproof; hence water spills will tend not to be absorbed. The unit's legs and frame are made from solid hardwood in a bid to offer support and durability. Its price has been set at $133. Customers who purchased the chair said it is worth every dime you'll spend on it. Others noted that its size is large enough.


These are the lounge furniture for your rec room to choose from. There are quite a good number of them, but these are a great place to start. They'll offer you all the comfort you need while gaming.