There are great office lounge furniture ideas to fall back on if you're out to buy a unit that looks good and lasts long. Asides from appearance and durability, you also need a very comfortable lounge. If it is, your employees will feel comfy while collaborating and sharing ideas. Visitors to your business premises can also wait for you while sitting on these chairs.

That being the case, it is important to buy the right office lounge whose design and build has been well-tailored. Therefore, here are some office lounge furniture ideas you can try to revamp the look of your working space and encourage employee communication & collaboration.

1. SHIZHONGBIAO Black Leather Sofa

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Meet the SHIZHONGBIAO Black Leather Sofa, it sports a nice texture, great length, and appeals to the eyes. This leather sofa can be placed in the office lounge to provide a commonplace for employees to interact. It also fits in nicely in the reception area while supporting three people at a time.

Despite the large support, this chair is suitable for small spaces given its portable size. Further, the sofa is made of solid wood, and the polishing & drying process used for the wood makes it durable. There's also a high-density Sponge within the sofa cushion to give them a rebound. You only have to pay around $1,003 to purchase this furniture.

2. Flash Furniture HERCULES Alon Series

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If you consider using a white lounge on your premises than the more common black color, try the Flash Furniture HERCULES Alon Series. It's inviting to sit on, and your visitors will not be lurking around the premises when there is a comfy lounge of this nature just sitting there. Therefore, a lounge of this nature is a good way to free the traffic in your office space.

On the other hand, this white leather chair features a stainless steel base. As such, it can stand the test of time without falling apart after a year. It looks classy and well supported on its legs. Therefore, it's a good buy, and you can try it. For its price, you'll be paying around $ 3,310 to have the full set.

3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Claremore Chair

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So, how can you treat yourself nicely while in the office? It's with the use of an antique chair like the Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Claremore Chair. This chair brings the comfort of your home to the office; thus, your office space can also have a homely touch. What to expect is a classic chair that speaks excellent comfort.

The Ashley Furniture Signature is an oversized accent chair that makes you feel like a king or queen in your office. It's designed to have a throne and elegant arms. Its cushions are also plush enough that they maintain their height even when supporting a large weight. This chair is also paired with three accent pillows to give your hands something to rest on. For these features and more, this chair is priced around $1,000.

4. Flash Furniture HERCULES Alon Series

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The Flash Furniture HERCULES Alon Series is quite long and large enough to support five to six people at a time. They can all sit comfortably and still have sufficient space between them. As such, if you don't want different chairs lying around the place, or struggle to match colors, you can buy this piece of furniture.

The HERCULES Alon Series Black Leather Chair features a brushed stainless steel base to give it support and durability. The chair sports a black color, and as such, it can blend in with existing furniture in your office. Accordingly, get one of these. The furniture goes for $520. Therefore, you get to spend less for a lounge that'll support more people at a time.

5. Aviator Lounge Table Aviator Coffee Table

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Now it's not only chairs you can use in your office, but you can also fall back on a lounge table. Here's one! It's the Aviator Lounge Table Aviator Coffee Table. There's no need to use the regular coffee table next to your lounge sofa since it has been specially designed to be used with a lounge chair.

Also, this is a coffee table with a drawer; hence, you can store small items. It might also interest you to know that this table is made from solid hardwood, and it is tightened with steel screws. The price of this unit is $1,695.


The chairs and coffee table outlined above are all excellent office lounge furniture ideas. Hence, these are pieces of furniture you can buy for your office. They're available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and build. Therefore, it's up to you to choose one that will fit in nicely in your office.