Do you need some commercial-grade lounge furniture? Here are a few top ideas for you in 2020.

Commercial-grade furniture is constructed to withhold a lot of weight, unlike the regular lounge furniture built to complement and beautify your living space.

You find them in reception areas, medical waiting rooms, lobbies, restaurants, city gardens, and other public spaces. And why do these places need commercial-grade furniture rather than the regular ones, you may ask. Well, they are often used by people of different sizes and weights. If a regular grade is used in these places, there may be a need to change them too often due to damage. But investing in commercial-grade furniture saves you some money as you rarely change them - maybe some five to ten years.

With that said, here are our recommendations on top commercial-grade lounge furniture in 2020.

#1. MayLine Santa Cruz Mobile Leather Lounge Chair With Tablet

Buy Now: B004MHE92C Buy Now: B004MHE92C

The Santa Crus Mobile Leather Lounge Chair by MayLine, one of the leading furniture manufacturers in the U.S., is a piece of commercial-grade furniture built to withstand everyday use. It is sturdy. It's covered by polyurethane leather on its seat surface.

Made with heavy-duty black double wheel casters in front, and black wood feet in the back. It comes with a tablet in a Chestnut finish that firmly holds items placed on it while you relax comfortably. It also features a brushed aluminum handle at the back of the chair for easy mobility.

This piece is designed to give your workspace a unique style. This piece is available in black and almond colors and costs about $980, depending on your option.

#2. Flash Furniture HERCULES Diplomat Series Black Leather Loveseat

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The HERCULES Diplomat Loveseat is a contemporary style of furniture. It spans a width of 52 inches, a height of 32.25 inches, and a length of 29 inches. It weighs 78 pounds. It is covered with leather and polyurethane for softness and durability.

This furniture will fit your lobby or reception area, presenting your guests with a comfortable seating while making a great impression. This piece is available in 4 colors - black, brown, cognac, and gray for about $600 per piece.

#3. Flash Furniture HERCULES Majesty Series LeatherSoft Chair

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Here's another commercial grade furniture from flash furniture. The HERCULES Majesty is also contemporary style furniture covered with LeatherSoft for that extra comfort. Chair back and seat are sculpted with flared arms. This chair has a height of 31.25 inches, width, 31.25 inches, and a height of 30 inches. It weighs 55 pounds. You can also request a sofa version of this furniture. You can get this piece for about $650.

#4. OFM Core Collection InterPlay Series Single Seat Chair With Bronze Tablet

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The OFM Core Single Seat InterPlay Series will undoubtedly complement any reception or conference room. The contemporary furniture is constructed of molded seat foam to provide comfort and covered with PVC-free polyurethane leather. It's 29 inches in length and weighs 51 pounds. It comes with a tablet if requested, bronze color.

Like other commercial lounge furniture, this piece is sure to complement your office of public space. It's built to withstand up to 500 pounds of weight. It's available in 4 colors and costs about $550 per piece.


Here are our four top picks of some commercial grade lounge furniture you can buy this 2020. It's sure to give your guest that extra comfort while representing that unique style you've always wanted. Keep in mind; these are built to withstand everyday use; therefore, they are sturdy. And what's more, choosing commercial grade furniture means you don't have to replace broken or damaged furniture often, saving you some hundreds of dollars in the long run.