A rattan lounge chair is a combination of the modern and contemporary look. Rattan is a term used alongside wicker given that these terms describe similar designs. Therefore, if you're looking for a touch of both worlds, here's the kind of furniture to choose from. Rattan is also an all-weather material, which makes it less susceptible to the impact of harsh weather.

On the other hand, we'd reviewed top commercial-grade lounge furniture in 2020, top outdoor lounge patio furniture to consider, and the best outdoor lounge furniture for small spaces. You can also check these out. That aside, here's a list of the rattan lounge chair to buy.

1. DNNAL Lounge Chair

Buy Now: B089QD86VB Buy Now: B089QD86VB

The DNNAL Lounge Chair is unique, given that it adopts the shape of a big cage eggshell. The shell blocks the sun partially, and as such, you can use it outdoors without overexposing yourself to the sun. This unit is more of a leisure bed that can be used in your lawn, garden, bedroom, poolside, and other great areas. You get to sprawl on it with your partner.

What's more, the DNNAL Lounge Chair features and European design style. It has a removable cushion and one that is filled with high-density sponge. In the same vein, there's a waterproof fabric on the lounge to ensure the unit is resistant to water. This unit sells for $16,702.

2. F&W WF Rattan Lounge Chair

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The F&W WF Rattan Lounge Chair is a simple piece of furniture that features an appealing design. This is a set that comes with two chairs, a coffee table, and a footstool. What makes these chairs unique is the footstool they each come with. Hence, you can prop up your legs while reading a book or having a cup of coffee. It's also a rocking chair that helps you move back and forth while on the chairs.

Over and above that, this unit features a metal chair leg that gives it support and durability. There is also an anti-foot slip foot pad underneath the chairs. And these pads ensure that the chairs are firmly rooted to the ground irrespective of the surface you place them on.

3. DNNAL Lounge Chair

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There's another DNNAL Lounge Chair you need to check out. It's a single unit that can serve as a camping bed, backrest bed, or chair. Therefore, this is a multifunction lounge that can serve an excellent place to take a nap. The unit is suited for both children, adults, and the elderly.

Also, this unit features a European design style. Its cushions are removable and washable, and its cover is easy to remove and wash. Accordingly, you can maintain the unit whenever there is a need to. This unit sells for $2,770.

4. Nbvcxz Lounge Chair

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There's the Nbvcxz Lounge Chair is a sofa to sit or lie on. It can turn into a beautiful spot where you watch the sunset or monitor your kids while they swim. In the same vein, you can entertain your guests using this piece of furniture. On the other hand, this unit features a modern and simple design, and it's suited for outdoor locations.

Besides, this rattan lounge chair is weather-resistant. As such, it cannot be impacted quickly by the weather. The unit also has a comfortable sponge cushion, that is also weather resistant. The pillow is also filled with high-density sponge, and it has a waterproof fabric design. It'll cost you around $3,837 to purchase this chair.

5. Jam Living Set of 2 Lounge Natural Rattan Chairs

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The Jam Living Set of 2 Lounge Natural Rattan Chairs is one more rattan lounge chair to work with. This unit is made from ECO-friendly material, and it features a natural rattan design. As a set, you get two chairs, a loveseat, and a coffee table. The entire unit comes in cognac color.

Over and above that, the coffee table has a glass top, which gives it a modern look. The cushion also has an excellent quality to ensure whether you're using it indoors or outdoors, the unit can stand the test of time. For these features and more, the Jam Living Set is priced at $1,249.


Your aim to get a rattan lounge chair can be met by choosing from the ones we've outlined above. These are all great units that will give you value for your money's worth. Therefore, take the bold step and choose from one of these.